THREE SPHERE WORKPLACE is a commercial interior design consultancy who create healthy and effective workplaces for organisations that see the value in their people’s wellbeing as key to the success of their business.

Our analysis process is based on scientific research and qualified evidence from our neuroscience partners.

Factual and relevant output provides the building blocks for the design team to create dynamic and compelling workplaces that unlock the full human potential enabling businesses to achieve their objectives.

The Three Sphere Workplace approach sets us apart from the standard industry format. We work with chartered psychologists, neuro-physiotherapists and ergonomists throughout the analysis process, so that we fully understand behaviours, processes, health and culture alongside the activity requirements of a workforce.

In doing so we create relevant coordinated, integrated, sustainable, flexible and dynamic workplace environments that fully support the workforce.

We believe there are three guiding principles that influence and inform all workplace projects:


A deep understanding of the way people need and want to operate at their place of work, through evidence based research and detailed analysis, will enable us to develop a comprehensive brief to maximise performance.


We use the evidence from the analysis process to ensure the development of the environment provides the right place to support the workforce.


It’s all about people. Healthy, happy, motivated and content People make businesses successful. Unlocking the full human potential through the design process is our aim.


Our analysis process is structured around evidence based research from our psychology and neuro-healthcare partners. We carry out client specific workforce-wide questionnaires, cross-section interviews, space utilisation and workflow studies, together with health & wellbeing and ergonomic based assessments. The objective is to fully understand how the workforce and workplace currently operate and interact, to determine what is required and to create a framework for the workplace to be developed.


We provide a comprehensive interior design service, working within our guiding principles and using the data from the analysis output to inform the design process. This includes space planning, concept design, visualisation, detailed design, working drawings and product specifications covering such things as furniture and lighting.

Our overall aim is to deliver healthy, flexible, sustainable and dynamic places for people to work.


The design management and co-ordination is crucial to the success of any project. Many projects have time, cost and technical constraints and it is imperative that the integrity of the design is maintained throughout the construction process, whilst ensuring commercial sense prevails. Our experienced team work closely with project delivery teams, providing intelligent and sensible solutions to issues that inevitably occur on site.

Three Sphere Workplace is made up of a strong team of industry professionals. We collectively have over 150 years of experience, working for organisations including PwC, Deloitte, Sky, E&Y, BBC.

Our neuroscience partners include Haddleton Knight, Chartered Psychologists and Well Physio,
Neuro-physiotherapists, together with Ergonomists from Loughborough University.

GDPR – As you probably know we all need to make everyone aware of what we do with the data we collect. We also need to offer everyone the opportunity to have their data removed from our records. 

The only data we retain is your business email address, business telephone number and a published mobile number which we have either taken from your own email footer or any form of business card that you have given to us or an in the public domain. We do also collect project data, which is normally covered by our clients terms & conditions, NDA’s and the like.

Furthermore we do not pass on any of the data, unless it is in context with business or specific projects that we are working that involve you or could positively involve you.

We do not send out mass marketing emails, nor do we carry out cold calling. We do however send out the odd email to wish someone a happy festive season or something similar.

If you would like us to remove you and any business information from our database or have further clarification, please let us know by getting in touch through our email address.